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SEO Optimization is one of the most vital algorithms are procedures happening in the today's world to make a product or website to come on top of the Google search engine. There are many procedures and tools made for this purpose and one of the tools, which we are showing your hair, is going to help you out to make your website clean from faulty procedures of SEO and optimize the website in a right way.


Link analyzer in simplest of terms is a tool, which helps a website owner or marketing agents to check the link of their website with details. The tool will analyze the link and will answer you that how much internal and external links are present over there and what are the faults on the link.

You need to remember that if you are willing to use this link analyzer, then you need to put links of each page of your website one at a time. That always not allow you to check the whole website by just putting one URL of one page.


If your question is that, how you would be able to use this will then it is easy. You just need to put the URL of a link, which you are willing to check and the output will come in front of you.

The link will tell you that how many internal links are available on your page of which you have put the URL. Also, it will tell you about the external links.  By knowing this, you will be able to improvise the link according to SEO strategies.

Knowing the links on your website allows the person to check that how much links are available on his website and knowing the links on your website allows the person to check that how much links are available on his website and or if so the competitor has more link then you can improvise about that.

This tool is helpful in the modification of a link so you can check the link of your liking with ease and get the output, which will help you out in the future.


By using the link analyzer, you will know the internal and external link on the website. One of the important things this link analyzer will give you is to tell you the bad links or the dead links, which are making your website today in the Google search engine.

By using this tool, you can check the bad links or dead links to delete them and use the good links internally and externally to get the right SEO Optimization for your link.

Also, checking each page individually on this link analyzer will give you a simpler output, and by that, you can edit each page accordingly.

WHY US has been making very useful tools for all the website owners and SEO marketing agents. Our team has made a Plethora of tools to help the people to get the traffic to their website.

Link analyzer tool is free to use on our website, so you do not need to worry about anything. Just use that as much as you want without any hesitation and do not pay the money.

We are improving the full day by day, so in the future, you might be able to check much more details about the link you have put the URL of.

This tool is easy to use, and you do not need to download and install it on your computer to use it. Just put the URL of a link, which you are willing to check the details of and the tool available on our website will give you the output within seconds.


This phone helps line you should use it in a timely and beneficial manner, but if for instance, you are having some problems in using it then there is a specially instructed customer support in our company which will give you help whenever you require it.

You can contact our customer support anytime you want and resolve any questions you have.

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