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The world of internet is very fast, and we are getting the new features by the day. With the advancement in the technology, they are some things, which we are not familiar with many things. 

In the world of website and the links, you must have encountered that for promoting the website or for making it come to the top of search engine, you need to do some strategies, which can help you out. There are so backlinking strategies, which are much used by the people.  However, not all the people are familiar with the prices are backlinks should have or a link to a website should have. However, this trouble was the thing of the past. We have made the tool, which is going to help you to know the price of the link, which you are selling, or you are willing to buy.


In simplest of terms are linked price calculator is a calculator which will allow you to know the price of any link to the website available on the internet. If you are an owner of a website, which is very popular, and you want to sell the links of that to the client, then you can check the price of the link, which you are willing to sell.

Using this tool is very beneficial as nobody will be able to argue about the price of the link when there is a special tool made for that purpose visual clear out many confusions is also the arguments. Even the advertisers will be able to take the right amount of money from their people by knowing the right price of a link.


If you are wanting, read how you will be able to use the link price calculator then let me tell you that it is very easy as a toy of a child. You just need to post the link or URL of any website, which you are, want to know the price of in the space available and you will know the price of that link in US dollars.

However, remember the price of the link will be according to the traffic your website has and the rating it is got on the Alexa. So considering this point the website link you have given will have the price made by the tool.


Just assume that you are willing to sell the link of any website then, of course, you are not familiar with the price of that link over the internet. You are a nice person, and you do not want to ask the excess amount of money the or also you do not want to have hada lesser amount than the market. By knowing the price of that link, you will be able to market that link in a right full price and people will not bother you about the price and negotiation.

However, if you are a buyer and you want to buy the link of the website, then you can check the URL of that website and will be familiar to the traffic of that website and the price it should have. If the seller is asking you more than that, then you will have the points, which will allow you to negotiate with him and get the URL in your allocated budget.

HOW TO MAKE MOST OF IT has made this tool for the betterment of your business. No matter if you are a buyer or seller by checking the price of the URL you will be able to Negotiate on the right amount.

The more advertisers a website has, the more traffic it will bring. Getting many of the URLs to your website or selling much of your URLs to other buyers will be able to bring the clients to your business.

If you know the right, the full price of any URL and you will sell that or buy that then, of course, the traffic will come to your website, and you will be a good website in the eyes of Google

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