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Pinging is the response of an association reaction in the wake of sending a demand. A ping tells information exchange time from a PC to a server; it is estimated in milliseconds. At whatever point a postponed reaction on the web this is a result of higher pinging rate than the coveted pinging rate.


This ping application is a head device that is utilized to check whether a PC is working and the system is unblemished. Web-based ping utilizes the Echo capacity of ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) nitty gritty in RFC 792. A bundle is sent to a particular IP address through a system. A parcel contains 8, 56 and 64 bytes of information in it. The PC sits tight for the arrival bundle after the ping. A decent return bundle is gotten if the objective PC is up and the association is great. Ping additionally tells the client the number of jumps between two PCs and the season of a bundle to finish.

Pinging is additionally a method for sending a demand to real web crawlers against a page that it has been refreshed and prepared to be re-slithered. Pinging of your pages to the web search tools will make your odds higher to file. A great many people utilize ping utilities so they could record the backlinks indicating their site.

Our apparatus pings significant web crawlers, as well as pings to real blog catalogs, for example, weblogs and blog people. In case you are looking for "how to ping a site," this tool is here to enable you to out.


There are many benefits of using this tool, but one of the major benefits of checking the Ping of a website is to ensure that the host computer and the client computer are connected rightly, and the Ping rate is not higher than the required rate.

If the Ping rate is higher than of course, you can check that what are the problems and what are the tools for making the problems. You can check the hardware and software of a computer and the medium, which is connected between the client and the host.

WHY US has been working in the field from a long time, and we have made Online ping website tool, which is going to help the website owners or the webmasters to optimize their website in a right direction and use the SEO strategies in a ride full manner.

Online ping website tool available on our website will be giving you the right result of Thinking in milliseconds.

You will be able to use this tool unlimited times in your whole life without paying a single penny.  You do not need to install or download the tool in your computer to check the pinging rate, but instead, you can use this tool online without any hesitation.

You will be able to check multiple URLs at a time.   Have a drink and sit relax and the tool will do everything for you.


Many people ask the question that why should be used online until when there is a procedure available on the Microsoft, which allows you to check through run command the pinging of any website or computer.

Well, we can understand that there are many Knowledgeable people in the world who knows that how to check the picking up a website or computer through the run command of a computer.

However, we have made this tool to save you the time in which you do not need to put any command to check the pinging rate of our website but inside you can just put the URL of multiple websites at a time and the Pinging rate will come within milliseconds.


We have an established customer support team who will be here all the time, and if for instance, a user is having any problem in using, the tools are getting the right output then they can contact the customer support team anytime in a day

The customer support team will respond to the request of a user within some minutes, and they will resolve the problem of the user without any charges.

We are proud of our company that we have given all of these tools without any charges and helping out the community and making them successful

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