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You are using dynamic URLs for your website, and you are willing to improve the ranking of your website then, you are going in a wrong direction. We all are familiar that dynamic URLs are not SEO friendly and the static URLs are very beneficial in that regard.

URL rewriting tool will help you out in solving that problem by changing the dynamic URL of yours in static URL.


As we have said above that, dynamic URLs are not very good as it is confusing and also not SEO friendly.  They are many people who just use their dynamic website and uses all the SEO strategies, but their website does not get at the top of the Ranking in Google search engine.

Then what are you waiting for when there is a solution for all of that.  URL rewriting tool will help you out in that regard and will change the dynamic URL to Static one, which will improve the SEO strategies you have been using from time and will give your website a beautiful link, which will improve your ranking in the Google search engine.


There are many benefits of changing your dynamic URL to Static one but the main changes are the main benefits you need is that by static URL, You will be able to improve your ranking in the Google search engine.

Another benefit, which is very popular by using the static URL, is that every page or every link of your website by changing into static will be very easy to understand.   Dynamic URLs are very confusing, and you will not be able to understand, or the users will not be understanding the link of the page that what type of content it has.  Whereas in static URL every page is unique and so user-friendly that in the URL you will be able to read the content of the page.


SEO tools free online.com has made URL rewriting tool for all the people who do not want to pay a single penny for using this tool.  There are many websites so will ask you money for it, but we are not here to gain the money from you, but your goal is to help you out without any charges.

To use this tool, you need to put the URL of a website, which you need to, change and the tool will come within seconds chance that dynamic URL to Static one and will give you the output promptly.  

You do not need to download and install any software on your computer to use this tool.   URL rewriting tool available on our website will help you out with ease.

There is no need to install or download this but just put the URL of a website in the available space and the output will be at your disposal within seconds.  On top of that, another benefit you will get by using the tool is that you can improve your marketing strategy by telling others that what the disadvantage is in Dynamic URLs and how it can be changed to improve the SEO ranking


First, by getting the tool from us, you don't need to pay a single penny for using the tool. Adding to that there are many other tools available for you to use without any charges and all of them are regarding many daily routines for the people who are in the world of marketing or SEO.

Also, there are many tools available on our website free which are concerning with the students and the Teachers who do not want the Plagiarism in their content.  Plagiarism checker will ensure that you will get the content without any copyright content and our grammar checker will ensure that they are no grammar mistakes in your content, which will degrade your ranking in the eyes of the teacher.

Enjoy the luxury of all main tools, which are paid on other websites but free on our website.


If you have any problem in using the tools or the tool is making some issues in the output, then you can contact our customer support, and we have an established team who will help you out in solving the problem of yours

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