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The tool we are offering over here is very beneficial for all the people who own the website for the people who want to use the website for their benefit. Page size checker is one of the best tools of our website where we are offering this tool free.


In simplest terms, the page size checker tool is answering by the name itself.   By this tool, you can check the size of any website page within seconds without paying any money.  This tool will be able to bring you out the size of any page. You just need to put the URL of the website page in box, and the rest of the burden is on us.


This tool is specifically made for the websites on the internet. By this tool, any person can just put the URL and know the size of the website.  Your question would be that what is the benefit of this tool? We all encounter the slowness of the websites or the website pages, which does not load in a quick time.  If own a website then, of course, you would want that the user should come to your website and spend their time to give you immense traffic. But if you will know that how much the size of the pages of your website is then you will be able to detect that how much time it is going to take and is there anything you can do to fasten the pace of the page loading.


First, the benefit is to get this Page Size Checker tool for yourself without paying any fee.  At We, prefer to give the tools to all human beings without taking a single penny from them.  After this, you will be able to benefit from this tool by knowing the size of the website page and then making the changes to the website to make it load faster for the users.  If you make the website load faster then, of course, the user will not bounce from the website page. However, if your website page is slower then, of course, no user will be staying on your website as it is wasting their time.


You are getting the tool free and without any procedure to download it on your computer then why bother to worry about that.   Using this tool on will be very beneficial for you. As you, do not need to bother about the space on your computer to download it and worry about the fast internet speed.  You just need to come to our website and use this tool by putting the specific URL you want to check, and the tool will do the rest online without any hurdle.


One of the things you can do after checking the web page size is to modify the web page, which is loading, slower than what you require.  It is a very simple question that what is the reason for a web page taking much time. There must be some videos or pictures on your web page, which might be making it slower than usual.  By using this tool, you will know that is the videos, or the pictures are the culprit in making the web page slower than what you require.

Maybe putting the pictures and the videos are not the culprit but some other script, which might be having some errors to bother the loading time of your web page.

By using this tool, you will know in detail about the things, which are using the size of your web page and are the main culprit in making the webpage slower.

On top of that, by this tool, you can also check the web page sizes of other websites, which will tell you that how much data of theirs is using the space.

One of the things, which you can do in this regard, is to check the website, which is loading faster, and you can check the size of that website by putting the URL of that website in our tool.  It will give you a good idea of the ideal size of a page should be, and you can imitate it for the betterment of your website.

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