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With the advancement of the technology, there are some advancements in the field of security. However, with security concerns, many people have the issues with the piracy and copy and in simple language the theft of the data. In order to counter that problem many people have tried many things, some of them have worked but in general, the thieves have countered many things easily.

This was a big problem and to solve this problem the experts had to do something before losing the important data from every house and Company. Some years ago, they have introduced the QR code for the automotive industry in Japan. True that they have encountered many problems, which were arising during the buying and selling transactions of the cars.

You must be wondering that how this QR code works and what is the benefit you are going to get by it in every field of the world. Well in simple language, I am going to try to answer this question for all the people who are willing to know about it and want to use it for the benefit in the security of their assets.


This section is going to give our readers a view about QR code. QR code stands for Quick Response code which is kind of 2D barcode. Barcodes were initially used to automate supermarket checkout systems. Now they have universal codes that have been used almost everywhere.

Whereas if we talk about QR code it is quite similar to a barcode but it is used to provide easy access to information through smartphones. Special barcode readers read Barcodes while any smart device could read QR codes. To read a QR code you just need to point the camera of your smart device towards the screen or page where QR code is printed and let it scan through a QR code reader application installed in your phone. After a second or two, the moment QR code is recognized you can access the information that you desire to have. This process is commonly known as mobile tagging.

QR code have are now being widely used everywhere. WhatsApp web app is one of the most popular examples of an application that uses QR code to allow its customers to access their information.


Now comes the question that how this code will help you out and how our company named SEOtoolsfreeonline.com comes into the picture.

well first of all the benefit of this code is immense and if you are willing to install it for securing the date of your company then you must be having the intellect what a person needs and you are worried that your data might be stolen. If you are going to generate the QR code from our website then you will know that our website has the full-functioning platform, which will allow you to create the QR code without any hesitation and without any cost.

In terms of the QR code generation, you can just choose the reason for that and the output will be in front of you. I me in that if you want to create the code for your website then the application of our website will create that accordingly but if you want it for some other reason than the application will work according to that.

Our QR code generator has been regarded as very beneficial and popular in the eyes of the people who love our work and products. We have made the free QR code generator for the people who want to secure the data but are unable to pay for it.

Therefore, if you were willing to secure the data of yours with ease and without any cost, then we would recommend you to go to SEOtoolsfreeonline.com and get the benefit, which you are getting at your fingertips.

Our website is not only regarding the QR code generation but also you will find the Plagiarism detector at our website, grammar checker, which is important these days considering people grammar, is lacking by the day and many other similar applications for helping the people around the world.

We are not concerned about getting the money from the people as we have installed every application on our website free and we are promoting it around without taking any money from the People's pocket. We just want to help the community and be in their memory as the helping soul.

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