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Word Counter 100% Free At SEOToolsFreeOnline.com

Many people of the world get confused while writing the content because, If you are writing the content for Google search engine then if the content is not according to the SEO strategies which include the word count then you will not get the article optimized.

It’s a wrong rumor that every article or content should be a long list of words. In order to get your article or content optimized on the search engine of Google, you need to make sure that the content is not only readable but also within a short span of words which will allow the reader to read them without any bored sentiments.

Students and teachers of the world are also worried that the essays they are writing or the essays teachers are checking are very big enough to make it hard for them to check it thoroughly.

The question comes that how we can solve this problem without compromising on the time we have.


Word count tool is made for that specific reason which will allow the people to check the word count of the thing they have returned without wasting their time to see each word and count it.

It will allow the people no matter if they are writing the content on the website or they are making the assignments for their education, can check the word count and make it according to the requirement.  As I have said before that the contents should not be long enough but should be appropriate enough to be readable for The Reader. In addition, if you will use the word count it will allow you to make the content you have written within the range you think it should be.


If you have realized the importance of word count tool then we can easily tell you that why our word count tool is beneficial for you. You might find many tools on the web telling you the same purpose we are telling you but, our word count tool is a bit superior to them.

That not only we are giving you this tool free with many other tools does not allow you to, but also,in fact, our word count tool is very easy to use even for a newbie.  You will not have any issues while checking how many words you have written or how much words the content has in it.

The simple interface of our word count tool is the reason many of the viewership of the world come to our website without any hesitation.


In order to use it, you just need to copy the content and paste it in the window you can see above. It will tell you specifically how many words you have tasted or how much characters are present in it.

remember that not only the people who are writing the content for the website is going to get beneficial from this but also the students will be able to present the educational documents within the word count which will appear beautiful and according to the requirement.

Many teachers also benefit from this tool and do not need the calculator in their hand to count how much words their student has written and sent them.


Therefore, we hope that our tool is going to help you out as it has helped many people. Also, one thing to remind you that our tool is online so you do not need to download it in order to use it. You can only use the simple interface of our Word count free tool buy coming to our website and doing whatever you need.

In addition, many of the world who is offering you word count tool can show you that they have a limit of words you can use per day.   However, in our word count tool, you do not have any limit on that.  You can even check the content of the whole book worth thousands of words.

Our tool is efficient and fast enough to provide you the output within no time.

If for instance, you get some issues in checking the word count for your content, then you can contact us directly and we can help you out within no time and will allow you to check the word count of your content easily.

Our purpose was to help the people get their needs fulfilled in this regard and we are glad that we did it.

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